Day 25 (Day +11) Rituximab Infusions – Last Day of Treatment 



  1. Here in Mexico! Hey can you give me an update on how you are doing. I am on day -6. Tomorrow is day -5. Taking filgrastim medication these days.


    1. Hey Mario, I keep meaning to do an update but never seem to get around to it lol. I’m doing pretty well, unfortunately just dealing with some GI issues courtesy of the chemo and long-term antibiotics. Other than that, I do not have the neuropathic pain on a daily basis like I used to. I have some muscle stiffness now and again, but I know that is to be expected. How is everything going for you?

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      1. I had some improvement but I am grateful. I awaiting my Hemo appointment. That’s on the 10. I rescheduled my Nero appointment. I now had a new day of June, later this year.We will see it there in any good news then. I have anything to worry since being back.

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