Arrival/ Day 1 (“Day -13”)

     Originally we were set to arrive in Monterrey at 9:00p.m., unfortunately due to the many delays at LAX our flight didn’t didn’t arrive until midnight. After a looooooong day, it was nice to see some smiling faces when we got here. It all started with our awesome driver, Irving, who picked us up at the airport. He has been super helpful and polite. Upon arrival to the apartment complex Mario and Mariana, the administrators, we’re there to greet us, show us around the apartment, and explained the informational booklets we were given.

     Our first day was a pretty long one, and was even more taxing for us because of the lack of sleep…but we got through it! We had an orientation, met most of the staff, and did the pretesting. Blood was drawn, urine collected, chest x-ray, spirometry test (breathing/lung capacity), and we also had consultations with the neurologist and the intensivist regarding lab results and MRI. With all that, I was cleared for treatment! 😄 

     It was about a 10 1/2 hour day with a few breaks in between, it took a little longer than the anticipated schedule stated. I would definitely suggest flying in quite a bit earlier than we did, maybe even a day earlier like some of my fellow patients did. That should ensure some must needed rest…hindsight is definitely 20/20.



  1. This is Mario Martinez(who when to Monterrey in Dec ’16.
    Wanting to see how you doing?
    I don’t do Facebook. I like to keep to myself. Since you inspired me a year ago. Any improvements from where you were?

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  2. It’s been a emotional rollercoaster. I am still not working. But I still better then we’re I was. I look forward to hearing more about your health. There is another contact I know of that went to Mexico. That lives here in Houston. So we share our similarities.

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